Hi, my name is Christian Loring i am gay and 20 years old and currently living in Portland Oregon on the West Coast of the United States. my dream is to become a High Fashion model and with your help that dream may someday come true. by donating even a few dollars ill be able to buy outfits and book wonderful photographers to really build a spectacular Portfolio in hopes of one day becoming signed with an Agency. so please donate today and ill be sure to post and upload highlights from each and every photo shoot ! you can follow my progress every step of the way by Following this tumblr page and donating today -Thank you
-Lincoln City-
Let me be your Sunshine 🌞
- meanwhile at the gallery -
- New design for tonights fashion show -
- Andrew Christian -
There’s always that one guy who well never get it and just leave you the fuck alone #youknowwhoyouare💁
Warm Summer Nights 🌃
🍒 Coca-Cola Classic 😋